Common Problems of Production-Impaired Wells

  • Scale: caused by corrosion and/ or mineral precipitates
  • Organo-Metalic Polymer Complexes
  • Mud Cake/ Mud Film or 
  • FR/ Gel Cake
  • Silt, Sand & Sediment 
  • Organics, Asphalt & Paraffins

Product Advantages

  • Multifunctional Blend: designed to target multiple issues simultaneously
  • Chelation Treatment: reduces interference of reactive byproducts & directly targets  organo-metalic polymer complexes
  • Pipe Friendly & Non Corrosive: corrosion preventative and protecting 
  • Less damaging to tools & stators compared to inorganic acid use
  • Friction Reducer compatible in most formulations 
  • Spectrum of Products: customizable solutions for every well

Responses from preliminary field tests and early adopter customers.

“Excellent Tubing & Casing Cleaner”
Coil provider in West Texas & East Texas

“Breaks down & emulsifies drilling mud”
Tested on mud from operator in East Texas


JetSTIM was used as an alternative to acid stimulation and proved to be equally beneficial” 
Tested on Rodessa limestone in East Texas


Used to demulsify SWD fluid and reduce injection pressure”
Currently in use on a SWD well in North Louisiana