Soil stabilizer, viscosifier, friction reducer and the cornerstone product of the ProAction Fluids line
  • ProDrill is a proprietary blend of polymers that are specially formulated to rapidly disperse and hydrate completely in water. ProDrill builds shear-thinning, psuedoplastic viscosity which makes it easy to pump while also facilitating cuttings transport in the bore-hole.
  • Highly effective in clayey conditions
  • Lubricates drill pipe and bore-hole
  • Excellent base fluid for complex soil conditions
  • Best overall value-add product on the market
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ProDrill FAQ

Can ProDrill replace bentonite clay?

All of ProAction’s mud systems are designed to work without having to add any clay-based products such as bentonite. Depending on the concentration and order-of-addition, ProDrill may prevent the hydration and swelling of most claybased additives, so it is not advised to try to use them together. However, in low density, low permeability conditions such as clays and silty-clays, ProDrill is typically the only viscosity modifier and soil stabilizer you will need.

Does ProDrill contain oil?

Similar to other emulsion polymers on the market, the base oil in ProDrill is a biodegradable “mineral oil” that will not leach from the cuttings once bound to the soil.

Will ProDrill freeze?

No. ProDrill will become more viscous, but will not freeze.

ProDrill and BoreShield both build viscosity, so why can’t I run either by itself in sandy soil conditions?

ProDrill builds a very pseudo-plastic viscosity due to its straight chain high molecular weight composition, where BoreShield’s viscosity comes from its helical, branched chain molecular makeup. The straight chains of ProDrill do not inter-link, and therefore will not provide the leakoff control or gel-strength/yield point needed when drilling in high density, high permeability (e.g. sandy) soil conditions. However, when ProDrill is combined with BoreShield, the straight chains of the ProDrill intertwine and interlink with the branches of the BoreShield, which creates a polymer matrix that provides the low-end rheological properties needed for a successful bore in high density, high permeability soils. Specifically, the gel strength and yield point of the BoreShield-ProDrill combination is substantially higher than either polymer by itself.

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