About Us

ProAction Fluids offers a full line of performance tested chemistry for horizontal directional drilling, industrial and oilfield services and also specializes in designing specialty products to meet your needs.

For clients seeking a custom solution to their oilfield & HDD chemistry needs ProAction Fluids provides on-site chemical compatibility testing and support.

The ProAction Fluids Advantage

  • Convenient Packaging

    No Mess, Easy-to-Handle Packaging

  • Fast Mixing

    Shorter Mix Times & Less Time Lost Making Mud

  • More Stable

    No Overnight Fall-Out or Changes in Rheology

  • Easy Clean Up

    Easier Tank, Vac, and Cuttings Clean Up

  • Better for Equipment

    More Efficient Drilling & Easier on Your Equipment

  • Simple Recipes

    Simple Recipes that are Easy to Follow

  • Safe & Friendly Formulations

    Our products are silica free

  • Compatible Products

    ProAction Fluids are made to work together

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"ProAction Fluids is the only thing we use in South Texas due to the fast mixing time and performance."

David Sanchez
Buda, TX

"ProDrill makes easy work of the Oklahoma Clay and Flint Stone conditions."

Keith Copeland
Ddurt Construction
Tulsa, OK

"ProDrill was our mud of choice in a 1350 foot / 84 foot deep wire line bore in the harsh red clay of North Louisiana. Cuttings never stopped flowing during the whole bore."

Dan Mitchell
Directional Services
Bossier City, LA

"ProDyne keeps all of our tooling and equipment clean by breaking down the stickiest soils we have in East Texas."

Josh Stubbs
Stubbs Construction
Mineola, TX